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Virtual Cat Toys HD is an incredible simulation of realistic cat toys for your Android, iPad or WebOS tablet, with over a dozen different photorealistic, animated "toys" for your cat and almost 2 dozen simulated floors. This interactive simulation is designed so that your cat can "grab" its prey and even drag it across the screen, as it squirms to be free of the hunter's paw. The toys also have their own sounds... some are actual mouse squeaks, insect hisses or the jingle of the original toy.

Realistic movement
Cats love to play with their prey, and their brains are designed to outthink the critters they are hunting. Our critters don't simply bounce aroud the screen - they turn and stop and even twitch, giving the cat cues that the critter is "real".

Keep score
If you like, you can even track how well your cat is at hunting and trapping these critters, by turning on the statistics. Hits, misses and the total time the cat spends pinning its prey are all tracked. Your cat may take pride in its skills, even if it can't read the score... but now you can too!

Cheaper than the dollar store!
For $2.99, you get over a dozen different critters.. each has their own behavior and speeds. We will add more in the future with updates. We are certainly open to suggestions for new critters.

Small Children love this
It's true! Virtual Cat toys HD also provides young children with a simple dexterity game they can play and have fun with.

Get this app today for your iPad, Android tablet or webOS HP Touchpad!

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