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Creepy, crawly bugs have infested your smartphone or tablet! What to do? Squish 'em!! Get them before they eat all the crumbs somebody left laying around. This game has been greatly enhanced, with even more realistic roaches and new challenges and features!

Pit your thumb-smashing skills against the hordes of roaches that will attack your morsels when their hunger grows. Be aware, though, not all the cockroaches in this game are pushovers (or is that 'squish overs'?) - there are even rumors of irradiated bugs that can cause a bigger risk to your crumbs than simply being eaten. If you succeed in vanquishing your foes, you will be given the opportunity to annihilate waves of roaches as they skitter in formation, in a tribute to those classic 80s arcade games. Can you make it to level 50? It will take quick, accurate strikes and strategic targeting to clear the board in more advanced levels.

The latest version adds "Awards" - achievements you can get for performing skill tasks!

The new version is now available on Google Play, Amazon App Market (for Android devices), and Apple iTunes for iOS devices

If you purchased this app on Google Play in 2013, please contact me.

Do you want it Free? 

I have released a free version, ad-supported and with the formation levels disabled, also available on all markets! Who doesn't like Free???

Here are the links:

Don't like the ads? Get the premium version for only 99 cents!