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Products are the lifeblood of a modern society. Likewise, they are the lifeblood of, in its pursuit of endless piles of loot, diamond encrusted bike locks, and solid gold toilet flush handles. Look, people, I can't make you buy this stuff, all I can do is perform my best Jedi mind tricks and hope you are not Huttese or whatever crazy race Watto was (My assistant specializing in Star Wars informs me he was a 'Toydarian'). If you are Huttese or Toydarian, I guess you have more problems than not buying our software.

At any rate, I'm just trying to make cool apps for people to enjoy and hopefully spend a little pocket change on.  I am always open to suggestions, unless it involves me doing something that is physically impossible to do to myself. Rude comments will likely be ignored, because I'd be rather crazy to take them serious, right?

Virtual Cat Toys HD Catnip Collection is our flagship mobile app, specifically designed for tablets. Our research has found cats to be a fickle bunch, but small children seem consistently fascinated by the toys. We have bigger plans for this app... keep an eye out for it here!

Protect your crumbs from those devious and quick cockroaches by squishing them before they devour everything on the floor! It's a great way to kill some time while waiting in line or during a break at work, and it is also a great conversation starter as these very realistic cockroaches skitter all over your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

There will be more products in the next few months, and as we find more customers, we will have the resources to offer some unique and challenging games, as well as useful apps for mobile users!